Affiliate Program

As an affiliate promoter, the benefits are as follows:

1.Join and get $5 gift card to use . 
2. YOU get 10% commission from purchases made from people clicking your
affiliate link.
3. YOU get a free item of choice EVERY 7 sales made from people using your
sponsorship discount code.
4. YOUR first order will come with a sweet gift  (just tell me the order number, and I will send you a gift)

Tip: affiliate link or discount code is the same, both work ^o^ 


What YOU will do:
Help promote and spread the word about Yihfoo with friends, family,
followers and get 10% commission CASH (via Paypal ) on every sale!

I will provide you a specialized, affiliate link just for you! It can be as easy as sharing that very link in your social media posts/profiles/bios! Anyone who makes a purchase via your unique, affiliate link means you will be rewarded 10% commission of the sale! It's that simple!!

-Active audience + engagement with your followers.
-Account must be public.

1. What social media platform will you promote Yifoo on?
2. Link(s) or Usernames to your Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you plan to promote us!
3. The name of the discount code you would like to promote!

I will provide you a discount code (customers get 10% OFF) to promote our shop as a sponsor! For EVERY 7 people who use your code (used during checkout on our site when purchasing), you can choose ANY item from our shop to REVIEW and KEEP! You can go about promoting in many ways such as referring your code to friends and family or using photos of our items to promote, etc.

Note: Once you tell me your promo code name that you like, I will enable it
and send you a shareable link and you can start promoting in many
ways you like  ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺ 


Q1: Can I use my own code to purchase in your store? 

A: Yes! Your purchase will also count on the "EVERY 7 sales" you made. 

Q2: Can I get a free item before I promote your store? 
A:Sorry, we only send you a free item once 7 people use your code.

Q3: What if I don't have a PayPal? 
A:No worries, you can keep the commission as store credit. Once you earn enough commission, you can use it to exchange clothing at Yihfoo.

Q4: How can I check my code status? 
A:If there customers use your code , i will share this new via instagram story and send it to you . Or you can contact me (email or DM me via Instagram) when you want to know about your code status, I will send you a screenshot about your code status on my store background. 

Q5: How do I get paid? 
A:Normally I will update sales to each promoter at the end of each month. I pay via Paypal. 

Tip: Please let me know when you change your URL name because I always contact via social media ^o^


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